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About our group

the ensemble MUSICA VAGANTIUM dedicates itself to the interpretation of Gothic and Renaissance music, first of all of that one which used to be played by strolling students - vagantes.

The music gets more impressive not only thanks to the period costumes but also with the help of historical instruments. As the ensemble interprets music from the oldest preserved musical sources to the 16th century music, even the single performances can be very varied.

The variety of the music offers also a possibility of giving concerts in various settings. MUSICA VAGANTIUM performs in castles, churches, smaller halls, at banquets, medieval - like feasts and balls and also in historical market places. Beside single concerts the ensemble can accompany performances of theatre companies, dance groups, fencers and swordsmen, jugglers and also night performances in the shine of torches, for example in the Turkish spirit.

Like the strolling students long long ago toured almost all Europe to get education, also MUSICA VAGANTIUM gave concerts in many countries (Germany, Swiss, Austria, Italy, Spain, England).

MUSICA VAGANTIUM can persuade its audience with its music that people at that time knew, not less than people nowadays, how to enjoy the life.


Zdenėk Kubík

  • singing, shawm, fipple flutes, cow-horns, shalimo, jingle bells, shajtholt, gong


Jitka Kubištová

  • singing, hurdy-gurdy, trumshajt, knackers, tambourine, hooves


Romana Neumannová

  • singing, drum, darbuka, mandolin, flute, shajtholt, gong, knackers


Jan Čmelák

  • singing, rebeck, darbuka, bagpipes, mandolin, shajtholt